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The Mid American Kiteboarding Association is accepting donations for improving the beach area after the flood waters that recently destroyed the beach.  Improvements include but are not limited to: Grass seed, Stump removal, fallen tree removal, jetty planning and building, event and competition planning and implementation.  
Pay Pal also accepts credit cards and is totally secure.

Demo day: Theory and hands on with a trainer kite
Interested on-lookers become kiters, with Wes Jenkins around

 A couple of years ago the state asked us if we would do a demo during a celebration at Cheney.  We enjoy getting others excited about kiteboarding and love helping newbies out, so there was no way we could say no.  This was the beginnings of M.A.K.A.  Mid America Kiteboarders Association.   Since then M.A.K.A.'s founder Wes Jenkins has taken on the daunting task of starting  central Kansas's only kiteboard shop,"XXSports".  Wes's enthusiasm for kiteboarding has made him very well known.  His connections in the industry make him the go-to guy for all the locals. 

The infamous "Core Four"
Roger Bryning, Wes Jenkins, Mark Bradley, and Eric Fresh aka Kiteman

Those of us that have been around since the beginning of kiteboarding in our area, 2000-2001, have been dubbed the "Core Four" .  Through the Core Four we have been able to have good relations with other sailing clubs and organizations in the area.  Good relations with KDWP (Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks) in have resulted in M.A.K.A.'s constant upgrading of M&M's kiteboard launch area.  This year we are losing two kiteboarders from the area, Jeff and Mark.  Although we're losing two good friends this year, it's not uncommon to draw onlookers, generate interest, and newbies to the sport everytime someone's out kiteboarding.  Its more the norm for us to help someone get started and go all the way from the "trainer kite" stage to the "body dragging" stage. After that it's up to you.  We can point you in the right direction of either new or used equipment.  Otherwise we recomend that you take lessons from a certified instructor, as safety should be your number one concern

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