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Hand-Crafted in the finest of buckets and pails, with no regard to marketing or sales.

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  My Brewery is based loosely on a cross between "The Powers Home Brewery" a Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System or  HERMS for short. And the Sabco's Brew Magic System a Recirculating Infusion Mash System or RIMS for short. 
   After being told by my wife that I was taking up to much space and to many rooms with my brewing hobby,I knew it was time to dedicate my "man cave" room to brewing. I was impressed with Power's solution and set out to replicate it.  As I was going through the project I  became more and more impressed with Sabco's Brew Magic sysetem which is a RIMS.   Sabco's RIMS solution was created for maximum repeatablility a definte goal of mine.   Under it's original configuration, the Power's brewery didn't work well as a RIMS simply because it uses the HLT as the heat sorce for maintaining the Mash tun temperature.  When trying to run the system as a RIMS temperature fluctuations were to great and didn't allow you to dial in on a specific temperature very easily.   The solution was to put another small extra low watt hot water heater element in the system in the wort flow stream just like Sabco does.  Carmelization could possibly occur if the flow rate of the wort is to slow and the wort in contact with the element is heated to quickly.  My solution was to mount the element in a slightly larger reservior to allow for a quick flow rate and allow for a larger volume of wort to make contact in the heating chamber.  I also move the temperature probe and went from a Ranco Temperature switched contorler, to a PID controler where I could dial back the voltage being applied to the heater element.  The chamber is simply a small  section  of stainless steel 1.25"? in diameter which is on the left rear of the system.  The system is different enough that I call it the "EMF Home Brew system".  Although the system is still being fine tuned I consider the project a success. The system is set up to brew 5-10 gallon batches with 10 gallons being the ultimate goal.   For any specifics feel free to contact me.

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Crafting explosive batches since 2000

All of the vinyl tubing, Brass (pickled), and Stainless fittings are 1/2" ID. A magnetic drive high temperature "March" pump is used to constantly circulate the mash water. This circulation uses the  grain bed as a filter which aids in eficency and clarifing the beer even before the boil.  The water his heated by 2 115V electricwater heater elements.  One is in the Lauter tun to do strike water heating and heating of the Sparge water.  The other is in the
recirculating line housed in a small section of stainless steel pipe.

American Homebrewing Association Contest
Wichita 1st place Strong Belgium Ale 18D, Highest score(45 out of 50) of any beers entered