Eric and Karen at a 12 meter regatta on board 1987 America's cup 12 meter Stars & Stripes

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All the local riders and I enjoy getting others excited about kiteboarding and love helping newbies out.  If you want to get schooled about kiteboarding come on out to our Cheney Lake launch maped out on the Launches page.  It's not uncommon for us to help someone get started and go all the way from the "trainer kite" stage to the "body dragging" stage with our gear. After that it's up to you.  We can point you in the right direction of either new or used equipment.  Otherwise we recomend that you take lessons from a certified instructor, as safety should be your number one concern.  We use to have a local rider originally from Chorpus Christi who was our certified instructor."Jeff Chilcoat"  He hung up his offical kite school days,and move here a few years back.  After two years here he finally convinced his wife to head back to the promised land in early spring this year 07.  We will all definetly miss Jeff. Hopefully he can keep other riders from Kansas who have moved to that area company.  Shout out time to Kiter Mike, John and Mark Doyle, and of course Hein.
In a new development Mark has recently been to SPI and the Gorge to become a Kiteboarding instructor, and so he is our new local certified instructor.  He travels to different locations frequently so hook up with him for lessons here in the Wichita, KS and or surrounding areas.

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