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Winter video 2010

Here's a video from the fall of 2009. My first mobe.... well I call it that anyway, and no I haven't been able to land another. 

MAKA members make the news on Labor Day weekend.

Footage of spring time fun with the locals. Ben,Roger,Mark,Eric,and recently removed Jeff. I just love how he splahes Mejo.  Original footage By: Mark Bradley

This Video is of me (Eric Fresh) at Cheney Lake.  The video is
shot on both the eastern and western shores. 
The Western shore launch's butter is courtesy of
NSA's (see link page) Stone jetty it's northern most jetty

Dodge City's new Lake

This is the best video I have ever seen

My wife Karen recently shot some video for a College course she was taking.  Here's the result called: Cheney Kiteboarding 67205. Here in this video we finally see Brent, along with all the usual locals

Wichita, KS Cheney Lake Locals: Eric Fresh, Wes Jenkins, Mark Bradley,Ben, and once removed Jeff Chilcoat.

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